Quantitative Research Methods in Design and Engineering

The mission of this course is to teach different methodological concepts, research methods and problem solving methodologies that can be applied by Real Estate & Housing students in their final year project (master thesis). A distinction will be made between evidence-based methods, with a focus on generating knowledge to understand, explain and predict (theoretical empirical, probabilistic) and prescription-driven methods, with a focus on generating knowledge to be used to design solutions to solve problems (theoretical formal operational, deterministic).

Fit for whom?
Both the main course and the electives are suitable to PhD candidates, particularly the practical sessions of the main course (AR3R061) and the meetings of the elective Applied statistics (AR3R059). The statistics sessions are easier to follow compared to ABE007 | Discovering Statistics Using SPSS, which is a better choice if you desire to go into the matter more profoundly.

Only PhD candidates who registered themselves before the start of the course, are welcome to participate.

A custom routing is possible, as long as you contact Clarine van Oel well in advance and justify the choices made in your Course Attendance Form.   

Course at a glance

MSc track
Management in the Built Environment

Course code
AR3R061, followed by one of these electives: Operations research methods, Applied statistics, or  Case study methods. 

Main course starts in quarter 1 and 3, electives start in quarter 2 and 4

one semester in total

Course load
28 hours per quarter

ECTS = GS credits
3 + 3

Clarine van Oel

Link to ‘Studiegids’

Alternative (similar to)
An basic alternative to the more profound A+BE SPSS course.  

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