Theory of Urbanism

This course focuses on the literature related to theories in the field of urbanism and on the critical use of that literature to develop a review of or position on the theories concerned. Students will present this review or position in the form of an academic paper. They will demonstrate in this way their command of the knowledge field of their graduation theme/topic and that they are able to relate urban theory to their graduation topic and use it to inform their graduation project.

The course consists out of a number of small exercises on urban theory and academic writing:

  • how to develop a theoretical underpinning for my project
  • how to look for scientific literature
  • how to use these references in written documents
  • how to critically assess scientific literature
  • how to relate urban theory to a (graduation) project in urban design and planning
  • how to write a paper abstract
  • how to write a review paper

Fit for whom?

Course at a glance

MSc track

Course code

quarter 1 and 3

one semester

Course load
course attendance + final review paper

ECTS = GS credits

Stephen Read

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