CC5 | Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative Research Methods provides an introduction in the most useful and current quantitative research methods for social sciences. The course is meant for PhD students whose knowledge of (certain) quantitative research techniques is insufficient.

In the first module basic knowledge of statistics in social sciences is brushed up. For the next modules this basic knowledge is supposed to be present. In each of the following modules a different statistical technique is discussed. Each module consists of a morning part with a lecture on the specific method and an afternoon part with computer exercises on these techniques.

For more information, read the course description at Nethur.

Organising Institute
Nethur - Utrecht University, Utrecht

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lecture + exercise

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No entry fee for PhD’s of  GS A+BE; €250 non-members

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60-80 hrs. 6 days (each week).

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The course is scheduled May-June each year.

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