OSK Progress Report

At the Progress Reports, PhD candidates give a presentation of the status of their research for a learned audience, among which the promotors and peer reviewers. After the presentation, the course of their research will be evaluated and discussed by a specialist, who will provide them with useful feedback. If you would like to join by presenting your current PhD research status, please inform OSK. During the PhD trajectory there will be two presentation moments: one after approximately one year in which the student presents his or her fine-tuned research plan, and a second presentation at the beginning of the third year during which research results will be presented and discussed.

Course Data

Organising Institute
OSK - Utrecht University, Utrecht

Course code

Course type
presentation and discussion

Most appropriate for
Beginning of the third year

Option 1: Registration at OSK costs 1000 euro one-off. All courses offered by OSK are included in the price. Option 2: you pay per course. 250 euro for each course.

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Upcoming course dates and times
October 2016

Please contact both your promotor and the department for approval. The Graduate School A + BE will then contact OSK to enroll you.

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