Summer Schools

Summer schools can be great to 'shop' for courses particularly in the Research and Discipline-related skills categories. The programmes universities sent us, will be listed on this page. Feel free to mail us more programmes you might come across.

When you consider participation, there are a few notes:

  • Always discuss participation with your supervisory team
  • MSc-level courses are allowed. Please note however the GS credits are counted differently. MSc-course? 1 ECTS =1 GS credit. PhD-course? 1 Day (8 hrs contact + 4 hrs prep) = 1 GS credit
  • The general rule applies here: per summerschool a maximum of 5 GS credits is registered. This rule has been installed to stimulate diversity in the DE programme 


Summer school RUG – The Knowledge of the Curator III: Curating Art and Nature

We are happy to announce that this year the Art History, Architecture and Landscape Studies department of the University of Groningen is able to organize the Summer School: “The Knowledge of the Curator III: Curating Art and Nature.” We have set up a hybrid program, offering students the choice between participating in online seminars and lectures, and an additional on-site experience in the Netherlands

Intended for art historians preparing for a career in museums, cultural institutions, or academia, as well as active professionals in those fields, this course is devoted to the knowledge, expertise, and skills required to meet the challenge of curating art and the environment.

The Department of History of Art, Architecture, and Landscape offers a unique summer school program: a series of online lecture series starting in June; an accompanying online summer school workshop with presentations, discussions and reflections; and the opportunity to participate in a three-day on-site excursion in September. The latter includes visits to Robert Smithson’s Broken Circle/Spiral Hill (1971) and the unique outdoors exhibition Into Nature in Emmen, where participants meet and work with artists and curators on-site. Both, online and on-site participants work on an experimental exhibition proposal related to the respective landscapes, where they are located.

More information can be found here

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