Summer Schools

Summer schools can be great to 'shop' for courses particularly in the Research and Discipline-related skills categories. The programmes universities sent us, will be listed on this page. Feel free to mail us more programmes you might come across.

When you consider participation, there are a few notes:

  • Always discuss participation with your supervisory team
  • MSc-level courses are allowed. Please note however the GS credits are counted differently. MSc-course? 1 ECTS =1 GS credit. PhD-course? 1 Day (8 hrs contact + 4 hrs prep) = 1 GS credit
  • The general rule applies here: per summerschool a maximum of 5 GS credits is registered. This rule has been installed to stimulate diversity in the DE programme 


Criticality Beyond Disciplinarity: Working knowledge(s) in, of and for design
18-20 September Core PhD seminar Oslo, organised by SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp)
Application deadline: 15 April 2019

Registered PhD candidates in all disciplines concerned with the constructed urban landscape (design, planning, environmental science, landscape architecture, urban history, heritage, ecology, architecture, etc.). 

The ‘Criticality beyond disciplinarity’ course offers participants the chance to engage with theoretical texts exploring notions of disciplinarity and working knowledge; analyze sample critical publications; and undertake an exercise in critical writing. Presented from a landscape architectural perspective, it welcomes researchers from multiple disciplines, in order to rehearse inter and transdisciplinary work modes. It is open to participants who wish to sharpen understanding of their own research aims within broader disciplinary contexts, and to strengthen their capacity, as researchers, to contribute to the evolution of inter- and transdisciplinary practices. 

Course structure:
The core of the course, an intensive 2-day seminar (scheduled over 3 days in mid-September, 2019) takes advantage of the ECLAS and IFLA conferences to be held in OSLO, 16-20 Sept, 2019. During the seminar in Oslo, the course will utilize conference events as ’course materials’ for critical analyses and review during seminar discussion and work sessions. Prior to attending the core seminar, students undertake three types of preparatory work. 

Note: Applicants must confirm availability to travel to Oslo and will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. 

Further information

sKBL International Summer School
3-11 July 2020

The first edition of the sKBL International Summer School will start in 2020. Many associate England, France and Germany with beautiful castles and stretched-out rural estates. Within Europe, the Netherlands is not as often associated with this, even though contains hundreds of special castles, historic country houses and rural estates. The sKBL International Summer School wants to change this by focusing on this versatile Dutch monumental heritage with knowledgable participants of various nationalities. The organisation also aspires to create an international network of connoisseurs and professionals, which can be of great use to Dutch castles, country houses and rural estates.

The 2020 edition, which will be held from 3 to 11 July, is open for participants outside the Netherlands who are conducting professional research on topics that relate to the preservation and conservation of monumental heritage. It is important that we establish interaction between not only the participants, but also the owners of the domains to be visited. This way, knowledge, science and stories come together, and we can learn and enrich ourselves.

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