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The SenseLab: a playground for the Senses

How to achieve a healthy and perceptually fluent indoor environment has been an issue among architects, engineers and scientists for centuries. The SenseLab comprises of an experience room (for research purposes) for integral perception of IEQ under different scenarios (classroom, office, etc.) and four test chambers (open to the public) for air, light, thermal and acoustical quality for testing (research) and learning (education).

The SenseLab is created to provide more insight in potential causal relationships at individual level, but also insight in the total picture and interrelationships between different environmental parameters and other aspects (e.g. confounders). First tests are focussed on the perception and preferences of children of primary schools (group 6 to 8) in classrooms.

Principal researcher: P.M. Bluyssen
Duration: 2013-2017

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