[RE] Connecting with Colonial Architecture

Creating a repository for sources on European colonial architecture and planning (1850-1970)

Since September 2011 the Chair of History of Architecture & Urban Planning and TU Delft Library creates  a repository for digitised resources about European architecture and town plans realised in European colonies from 1850 until 1970.    


The repository seeks to facilitate the emerging transnational research on European colonial architecture and urbanism between 1850 and 1970 and thus stimulate and enrich the debate about colonial built heritage.


By bringing together and unlocking thematically related but physically often separated sources in one digital environment, the repository overcomes important geographic, economic, language and institutional barriers.


The repository offers its users digital and free access to a variety of sources: text documents (books, journals), photographs, films, maps, and archives.
The repository is developed in collaboration with national and international partners.
The repository can be visited via colonialarchitecture.eu.   

Relevant literature


Station Square in Batavia, Dutch East Indies (1930s) (now: Stasiun-Pintu in Besar Utara, Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia).

Royal Atheneum in Elisabethville, Belgian Congo (now: Lycée Tuendele, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo). Architects René Schoentjes & Albert Van Grunderbeek (1944-1954). © Foto Johan Lagae, Ghent (2005).