Geoinformation Technology & Governance

Key projects

Vario-Scale Geo-Information

With this project a new concept named "vario-scale" is proposed, where the data once stored in a vario-scale data structure can be used for generating all wanted scales in a smooth digital way.

The scale of a map is defined as the ratio of a distance on the map to the corresponding distance on the ground. Humans have been using the concept of map scale since the early days. When moving to a digital environment, the old map scale concept is maintained and for each different scale the whole data of a map are separately produced and stored. This is a labor intensive and expensive process and in practice results in inconsistencies. 

Grant: € 395.000
Role: applicant
Principal Researcher: Peter van Oosterom & Martijn Meijers
Duration: 07/2011 to 08/2015 

Massive Point Clouds

Massive point clouds (several terabytes) are produced by many sensors and application. The problem is that they are too big to be handled efficiently by common ICT infrastructures.

Within this project several novel and innovative eScience techniques will be developed:

  • parallel ICT architecture;
  • new core support for point cloud data types in the spatial DBMS;
  • Web Point Cloud Service protocol (WPCS, progressive transfer from server to client based on multi-resolution representation);
  • coherent point cloud blocks based exploiting spatial clustering & indexing;
  • Point cloud compression (storage & transfer);
  • caching strategy;
  • etc.

Grant: € 300.000
Role: applicant
Principal Researcher: Peter van Oosterom
Duration: 3/2013 to 3/2015 

Research programme

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