16 December 2021

Unbalanced growth in the housing market

On Wednesday 22 December, Marja Elsinga, Professor of Housing Institutions & Governance, will take part in the television programme 'Scheefgroei in de woningmarkt' by BNN/VARA, moderated by Jeroen Pauw. The programme focuses on the current imbalance in the housing market: on the one hand, people with one or more houses benefit from the high price increases, on the other hand, more and more people cannot find a place to live or are forced to rent very expensive houses.

25 September 2020

Creating homes with value for society

On 12 October, the online NWA matchmaking meeting 'Creating Homes with Value for Society' will take place. The aim is to find parties who wish to join a trans-disciplinary consortium, with a view to submitting a grant application for the National Science Agenda - Research on Routes by Consortia 2020/21 (NWA-ORC 2020/21).

21 July 2020

Open building for a renewable housing stock

Open building for a renewable housing stock

According to ABF Research's forecasts, one million additional homes will be needed in the Netherlands by 2035. Large-scale industrial housing can contribute to reducing the housing shortage. However, this has strengthened the position of builders in the past, while limiting the control of residents and the adaptability of the housing stock. The 1M Homes initiative of TU Delft investigates, among other things, how Open Construction, in combination with digitization and automation, can contribute to a sustainable solution to the housing shortage and at the same time give residents a say.

16 July 2020

Affordable sustainable housing

Affordable sustainable housing

RE-DWELL will train a new generation of academics and professionals to address the urgent need of affordable and sustainable housing, a major challenge for European societies. The large research project involves ten different universities and an innovative education programme across Europe.

01 May 2020

Van revolutiebouw tot ruimtedieet

1M Homes team leden Marja Elsinga, Gerard van Bortel en Arend Jonkman hebben een bijdrage geleverd aan het themanummer 'Anders Wonen' van Agora. 'Van revolutiebouw tot ruimtedieet' beschrijft hoe de huidige woningcrisis verschilt van eerdere grote woningbouwopgaven.