The department’s research focuses explicitly on architecture as a field of expertise, a field in which making and thinking are inextricably linked. The programme regards the ‘architectural project’ as the cornerstone of architectural practice and reflection, and cherishes the strong connection the Department of Architecture in Delft holds with architectural practice. Through a large number of high-profile practitioners in this group, relations with stakeholders in contemporary architectural practice (and the building industry) are continuously activated.

The research regards the architectural project as the junction where a complex combination of cultural, social, functional, economic and ecological factors is articulated as a concrete spatial proposal. This articulation requires a specific expertise that characterizes the discipline of architecture. Precisely this expertise is at the centre of the research programme. In this view, the structure of the research departs from this idea of expertise, acknowledging that architecture as a cultural field of action and reflection is multi-layered, entailing many connections to other fields.

Thus, from a reflection on the work of the past decade, and from a very positive evaluation of our work, the Department has set new steps to tried to consolidate that position and set a new agenda that could accommodate new research within a more flexible programme. Building upon the good work of the part years, following the recommendations of the assessment and providing new opportunities in line with the new researchers and research directions, the Department has taken the opportunity to rethink the organisational structure of the programme. The new structure might also help provide linkages to the valuable research of the Chair History of Architecture and Urban Planning who up till now had been working in the Design & History programme.

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