The research carried out by the Department of Architecture distinguishes itself by a focus on architecture as a cultural field of expertise; a field in which making and thinking are inextricably linked.  The research programme regards the architectural project as the junction where a complex combination of cultural, social, functional, economic and ecological factors is articulated as a concrete spatial proposal.

The structure of the research programme departs from this idea of expertise, acknowledging that architecture as a cultural field of action and reflection is multilayered, entailing many connections to other fields. The research groups within the programme can be distinguished by their focus on a particular aspect of architectural expertise that is relevant in addressing societal and scientific questions, and that involves theory and practice alike. 

Five thematic research groups each focus on a particular field of expertise, while the "transversal" lines of Theory, Methods and History offer input to all research groups on the level of history, theory and methods. 

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Key projects
Key books
  • Colonial Modern: Aesthetics of the Past, Rebellions for the Future 
    Tom Avermaete, Karakayali Serhat, Marion von Osten
  • The Dutch urban block and the public realm: Models, rules, ideals
    Susanne Komossa
  • Architecture, Crisis and Resuscitation: The Reproduction of Post-Fordism in Late-Twentieth-Century Architecture
    Tahl Kaminer
  • Architecture as a Craft
    Michiel Riedijk (ed.)
  • Radical Games: Popping the Bubble of 1960s Architecture
    Lara Schrijver

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