Research on education innovation

Architecture and the Built Environment (A+BE) at TU Delft scores outstandingly in international rankings. The Faculty of A+BE conducts a lot of high-quality scientific research in the field of the built environment. It also produces hundreds of engineering graduates at BSc and MSc levels in a wide range of subdisciplines every year. But how do you know if a curriculum is effective and whether degree programmes and courses actually achieve their aims? This also requires research! More specifically, it calls for research that combines specialist content and didactics from an educational science point of view. The Faculty of A+BE conducts scientific research into its educational innovations.

The approach will be evidence-informed and involve educational research, interdisciplinary collaboration between Architecture and the Built Environment staff and educational scientists, data collection and the sharing of knowledge and experiences with other degree programmes in the field. In the years ahead, this could result in some interesting curricular changes.

Digitisation, a globalising economy and whirlwind developments in technology, demographics, the environment, mobility and urbanisation all mean that the sector of design and construction will face new challenges. Existing engineering and design curricula will need to be continually updated and education will have to become 'agile'.

Educational innovation research is one of TU Delft's key priorities and the Faculty of A+BE has taken up the challenge. See for example the results of 2018-2019.The educational innovation research team invites lecturers and researchers in the faculty to share their knowledge, experience and ideas about educational innovations for the A+ BE degree programmes.


The educational innovation research programme will develop knowledge on five key themes:

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