Academic skills

Architecture and the Built Environment is a practical engineering science that focuses on solving socio-spatial and spatial-technical issues. Academic skills focus to a large extent on assessing design situations and design solutions that have been developed.

Existing evaluations of educational quality and dialogues with student organisations will form an initial step in opening up the discussion of students' academic competencies. The educational innovation team aims to set the academic bar high, partly by calling for academic reflection on completed designs to be given greater priority. This will enable the faculty to produce designers who are equipped to engage in the academic and professional debate with greater confidence.

Running projects

  • Book project Academische vaardigheden voor bouwkundigen / Academic Skills for Architects by ’MaartenJan Hoekstra, Louis Lousberg, Remon Rooij, Willemijn Wilms Floet & Sake Zijlstra, financed by the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education
  • Book project Interventionist Research Methods: A critical guide on research to engineer change by Louis Lousberg, Paul Chan and John Heintz
  • Values for Urbanism handbook by Roberto Rocco & Marcin Dabrowski, financed by the TU Delft Values for Design platform.
Past performance
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