Academic skills

Architecture, urbanism and building sciences are practical engineering disciplines, often focused on exploring, tackling and/or resolving spatial-social (design) issues. In this, academic skills not only involve research and design methods that relate to the discipline itself, but also more transversal skills, such as argumentation, presentation, discussion, positioning, assessment, collaboration, setting and maintaining a course, data and information literacy, responsibility and entrepreneurial drive.

Our key aim is to develop critical and reflective designers with an academic aptitude. This means that the relationships between research and design are essential: research for design, research on design and research through design. Students must learn to understand design as an academic activity and when which type of design research is most appropriate.

Key projects

  • Angeliki Sioli - NWO/NRO Comenius project Words of Imagination
  • Leo vd Burg and MaartenJan Hoekstra – the development of the new bachelor ‘leerlijn Wetenschap en Vaardigheden’ and the personal development (reflection) program.
  • Newton, C. & Rocco, R. - TU Delft Centre for the just city - Planning & Design for Fair, Inclusive Cities, Regions and Communities. Partnered by TU Delft Design for Values institute and TU Delft Global.
  • Louis Lousberg, Paul Chan and John Heintz - Book project (forthcoming in 2023) Interventionist Research Methods: A critical guide on research to engineer change by. Sponsored by the 4TU Centre for Engineering Education

Key publications