Online and ‘blended’ education

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are opening the door to global participation in the education offered at TU Delft. As well as increasing numbers of online courses, there are also blended methods for the exchange of information between students and staff. Online education has an increasing role to play in enabling alumni and other professionals to refresh and update their knowledge remotely. Engineering graduates of the future will be lifelong learners, as knowledge continually and increasingly becomes outdated. Tools from the game industry, referred to as serious gaming, can help online education to motivate students.

Running projects

  • Comenius Teaching Fellow project Bridging DOCS by Igor Pessoa & Roberto Rocco, financed by NWO/NRO.
  • Bouwkunde. BLEAP. Blended education in BSc Bouwkunde: BK1TE1 (Eric van den Ham), BK1GR1 (MaartenJan Hoekstra), BK6MA3 (Erwin Heurkens).
Past performance