Regional Design

This theme is concerned with the political dimension of spatial planning and urban design, and the spatial and design dimensions of politics and governance, with a particular emphasis on regional level. It takes as a starting point the sea change that Dutch spatial policies are undergoing and which will take effect over the coming decade. These changes are seen to be both specific for the Dutch situation, but they are also representative of transformations that we see internationally.

In this theme we wish to discover and analyse how spatial planning and urban design has been affected by the governance and political environment from where it comes; to understand how changes in this model lead to different practices in the fields of spatial planning and urban design, and how spatial planning and urban design as disciplines and tools can adapt to changing circumstances.

Research questions

  • To what extent can regional design serve as a catalyst for territorial transformation and what are necessary governance conditions?
  • How can we understand the role played by visualization and design and how to establish performance in different organizational and governance settings?


Would you like to know more about this research theme or discuss the possibilities for cooperation? Please contact the research leaders:

Prof.dr. W.A.M. Zonneveld
Ir. V.E. Balz

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