Research has shown that staying indoors is not good for our health. People spend more and more of their time indoors. Therefore, providing a healthy and comfortable indoor environment is very important. The SenseLab, a laborary for testing and experiencing single and combinations of indoor environmental conditions, will contribute to the understanding of and coping with the indoor environment.

Students, teachers, researchers, but also the general public are able to experience and test different combinations of environmental conditions.

(Re)designing healthy and comfortable buildings

The research performed in the SenseLab will contribute to the development of a new assessment approach, which takes account of the combined effects of stress factors in buildings on people (patterns) as well as their individual profiles, and can be used to determine requirements (to prevent negative effects) and preferences (to stimulate positive experiences) for (re)designing healthy and comfortable buildings.

SenseLab: testing the four IEQ factors

The SenseLab is built around the four IEQ factors (air, thermal, lighting and acoustical quality) in a room of the Science Centre in Delft and comprises:

Two air handling units

Make it possible to manage the systems P.M. Bluyssen


  • Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment 

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