VR Lab

Do you want to use VR for an immersive presentation of your project? Do you need a headset to conduct your research? Are you looking for tips to enhance your 3D workflows? Or are you just interested to learn more about the possibilities of VR and computational design? Students, researchers and professionals in the field of architecture and the built environment are welcome to visit or contact the VR Lab.

VR in practice

VR can be a gamechanger in design: from detail to urban planning and from visualization tool to design method. The faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment hosts one of the best academic labs for virtual reality. We offer cutting-edge equipment for students, researchers and professionals to collaborate and explore the endless possibilities of VR technology. Projects conducted and supported by the VR Lab range from testing facades and visualizing buildings in a virtual 1:1 environment to the use of biometrics: modern VR technology enables us to measure human experience in urban and architectural environments by mapping biometric information such as heart rate or eye movement. The lab provides support in setting up devices and getting started with relevant software but can also help you to streamline your workflows or support your research project. 

Besides project-based work, the VR Lab offers various bachelor and master courses that teach visualization techniques and computational design methods. For more information visit the website.


Students and employees of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment can visit the VR Lab from Monday through Thursday from 9:00-17:00.
The lab is located in the BK-LABs corridor in the west wing of the faculty. The room number is BG.West.270, just behind the red neon sign. 

VR Lab

General inquiries:

Room: BG.West.270
(BK-LABs corridor in the west wing of the faculty)

Opening hours:
Monday through Thursday: 9:00-17:00.

Dr.ir. Stefan van der Spek

Ir. Hans Hoogenboom