Certain research questions touch on multiple domains and disciplines, requiring a combination of different kinds of knowledge and research. An example of such an area is that of health care.

Health care

The health care sector is a very dynamic one. Extramuralisation of care from old people’s homes to home care results in high expected levels of vacancy in care homes and the need for new concepts to accommodate elderly people living independently in a protected way. Remaining institutions have to cope with a population that needs high levels of care from inside. At an urban scale interesting topics include how to create housing-with-service zones and the impact of urban layout on healthy and active living and aging. Changing finance systems, technological developments and paradigm shifts ask for new accommodation concepts. A growing understanding  of the ins and outs of healing environments and the need for sustainable buildings will result in new care and cure architecture. Decentralized care and at the same time concentration of top-clinical health  care result in network organisations, downscaling and mergers, that have to be accommodated efficiently and effectively. So far research into these topics is rather scattered. For this reason Platform Health is being established at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment to exchange knowledge and to collaborate in joint projects.

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Platform Health

Would you like to share information or participate in the ‘Platform Health’, please send an e-mail to Theo van der Voordt or Cor Wagenaar.