Last spring, the very first title deeds with a 3D visualisation of the associated rights will be registered in the Dutch Land Registry (het Kadaster). The combined construction work for the new Delft station and city offices, including the railway tunnel and underground bicycle park, is the first to be registered in 3D in this way. This is the first time rights have been visualised in this way anywhere in the world.

Space is at a premium in the Netherlands. For this reason, construction increasingly takes place at different levels, on, above and below the ground. If there is only one user on a plot, registration in 2D provides sufficient insight into who owns what. If several different parties hold rights above and underneath each other and ownership goes beyond the plot boundaries, things can become more complicated. In order to provide a clear indication of ownership in this complex situation, more than a standard Land Registry map is required. To give a proper picture of all rights, 3D registration has now been made possible in the Land Registry. The main advantage is that it will provide a better and faster overview of rights to real estate in the Netherlands.

Spoorzone Delft

Spoorzone Delft, the construction project involving the building of city offices, the station hall, the underground station and railway tunnel and underground bicycle park, is ideally suited for 3D registration. Three different parties share the rights in this complex but compact project: the city of Delft owns the land, NS Vastgoed holds the rights to the station hall, with retail outlets and the technical systems, lifts and staircases, and Prorail/Railinfratrust owns the rights to the railway tunnel and the underground station.
To achieve 3D registration, the Land Registry worked in close collaboration with TU Delft. The 3D visualisation for this project was created by Mecanoo Architecten. Lawyers firm Houthoff Buruma drafted the deed for filing in the Land Registry.

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