News & Events

13 January 2021

Symposium: The architect’s roles in the Circular Economy and Circular Society

Architects are increasingly involved in circular assignments, but what exactly is expected of them? These and several other questions will be discussed in the online symposium 'The architect’s roles in the Circular Economy and Circular Society' on 3 February 2021.

07 January 2021

REPAiR: Online exhibition

Learn all about the results of the H2020 REPAiR project. Visit the online exhibition and see how the geodesign decision support environment can help local and regional authorities to reduce waste flows and use them as a resource.

05 January 2021

SeRaMCo final conference

In an online conference on 20 January 2021, the SeRaMCo (Secondary Raw Materials for Concrete Precast Products) INTERREG project will present its results after 3 years of research regarding the recycling of construction and demolition waste and its incorporation in innovative concrete mixtures.

07 December 2020

First prototypes of the Circular Kitchen placed in rental properties

The Circular Kitchen is a kitchen that is easy to renew and lasts a lifetime. This means less resource use, emissions and waste.

17 November 2020

Start up geoFluxus wins first price EU DATATHON

GeoFluxus, a spin-off from the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment wins the 1st price at the EU DATATHON Green Deal Challenge. This competition invites teams from all over the world to create applications for European open datasets to solve one of the four main challenges the continent is facing.

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