International Round Table on Materials Criticality

The project will establish an international round table on approaches towards assessing materials criticality, taking place at established international conferences, creating synergies between different audiences such as experts in resource planning, industrial ecology, Life Cycle Assessment, and product development. The results will be published as three joint scientific papers for an expert audience and a Roadmap on Criticality for authorites.


Programme and funding: EIT Raw Materials
Role: Project partner
Project duration: 2018-2020
Principal researcher: Dr. David Peck

Project partners

Joint Research Center, European Commission; Chinese Academy of Sciences; University of Gent, Belgium; Colorado School of Mines and the Critical Materials Institute, USA; Yale University, USA; ESM Foundation, Switzerland, and Umicore, Germany; University of York, GB; University of Waterloo, Canada; Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA; University of Southern Denmark; University of Leiden, Netherlands; The French Geological Survey BRGM, France; Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH); Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia; National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, Japan; US Geological Survey; Joint Research Center, European Commission; Delft Technical University, Netherlands; ESM Foundation, Switzerland, and University of Augsburg, Germany; University of Bordeaux, France; Fraunhofer ISI, Germany; University of Leiden, Netherlands; ESM Foundation and Empa, Switzerland; University of Waterloo, Canada

Further information

Visit the project website


Dr. David Peck

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