On average, approximately 4% of European construction and demolition waste (CDW) is used to replace primary raw materials. Parts of North Western Europe are aiming to substitute even 5% primary raw materials in 2018, but there is still much room for improvement to address even more CDW for this purpose.

In SeRaMCo, the 11 project partners would like to showcase the possibilities of CDW recycling in precast products and thus, aim to increase the use of secondary raw materials in concrete. The expected outputs are economically viable precast products from up to 100% recycled aggregates and recycled cement, that are comparable to conventional products in terms of cost and quality, and are ready for commercialization in NWE. TU Delft contributes to SeRaMCo’s aims, by a combination of interaction with the industry, design and research.


Programme: Interreg | North-West Europe | European Regional Development Fund

Role: project partner
Principal researcher: ir. Henri van Bennekom
Duration: 2017 -2020 

Project partners

Project partners

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Ir. Henri van Bennekom