Sustainable Management of Critical Raw Materials

The project aims at educating PhD students, Master students, junior engineers/researcher and managers from industry to cover a series of important aspects regarding critical raw materials: consumption of natural resources, raw materials limitation, economic and political conditions that influence supply security, air and water pollution, occupational health in mining, materials processing and recycling, and the economic impact on European industry.

This will develop their skills in recycling and materials chain optimisation for end-of-life products, in the identification of critical materials in products and substitution potentials to avoid these by maintaining or even optimizing performance, and educate them in the necessary knowledge to develop products and make strategic decisions to help in establishing the “circular economy”.


Programme / funding: EIT Raw Materials
Role: Project partner
Project duration: 2017-2020
Principal researcher: Dr. David Peck

Project partners

Project partners

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Dr. David Peck