Spaces of Display; retail and exhibition design

Minor code: BK-Mi-145-17

Language: English

Participating institutions: Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment and Faculty Industrial Design Engineering

Maximum participants: 35

Education methods: Design project, excursion, lectures and workshops

For whom?

This minor is intended for bachelor students (academic and HBO) that study Architecture (Bouwkunde) or Industrial Design (Industrieel Ontwerpen) from the TU Delft as well as other universities/HBO institutions.


In this minor, students  design a space of display for a carefully chosen artefact and its users on a specific location in a city. The following topics are of importance for the project: its context, the qualities of the space (atmosphere, tactility, lighting), the character of the artefact and its connection to its space and users. 

The minor consists of four separate courses that each focus on specific skills. Together they contribute to a coherent design project  that fits in the city. In various lectures attention is paid to the position of the designer, the design of a space  within the field of retail- and exhibition branch and the analysis of reference projects based on relevant themes. 

What will you learn?

  • You are able to develop a consistent architectonic/interior design. This covers the materialisation of the total space as well as the detailed scale of a piece of furniture
  • You have the skill to establish the connection between concept, function  and material elaboration of a small design
  • You are able to  connect aspects like location, programme, target group, functionality and temporality to the atmospheric quality of  building  and space
  • You have knowledge of different cultural and social conditions and awareness of their implication and effects on architecture and the interior
  • You are capable of visually analysing and communicating work by using several presentation techniques
  • You can determine the quality of the perception of the interior by the use of artificial light

Course overview

All courses run parallel in quarter 1 and 2. 

  • Design Project (BK7060)
  • Lecture Series (BK7061)
  • Toolkit (BK7062)
  • Workshop (BK7063)

For course descriptions, please visit the study guide.


To register for this minor go to You also have to send a letter of motivation to the minor coordinator Leontine de Wit by 31 May 2017 at the latest. HBO students that study Architecture or Industrial Design also have to send a portfolio (A3-format) to the coordinator by 31 May 2017 at the latest. A maximum of 35 students can participate in this minor. We strive for an even distribution of Architecture and Industrial Design students. 


Ir. Leontine de Wit

Students about this minor:

“The project and lectures, which are taught well, give a complete view of Retail. I’ve worked on this minor for half a year with a high level of motivation and enthusiasm.” 

- Lauren Broshuis

“It is an instructive and creative minor, where you learn to design from someone else’s point of view.”

- Annemiek Visser