Adam Busko

Architectural Engineering

Image: Main building of the Campus of Innovation, as seen from the water

Life in the digital age: Campus of Innovation

This project is an attempt to transform a former military base, the Marineterrein located in the center of Amsterdam, into a Campus of Innovation and thus give it new life and identity. The final design is based on a research paper in which I tried to predict the most important trends in the way that young innovators live in the future and how their reality will be influenced by the digital realm.

The design provides the area with an urban strategy, while also focusing on the transformation of two existing buildings into working and living units, connected by a public greenhouse and a garden space. The new building would serve as a center of the Campus and be an embodiment of the work-life balance. The intervention consists of two main elements: a permanent one – the roof which connects the two buildings, encloses the space between them and provides energy for the complex – and temporary interventions inside – providing solutions for living, working and leisure, tailored to the needs of young innovators and materialized through means of digital fabrication.