Arwin Hidding


Image: Continuous Exploration

Continuous Exploration

The Continuous Exploration project aims to formulate a design proposal for the 2020 World Expo in Rotterdam. A computer program was developed to predict people flows through the building. It then calculated the building geometry based on architectural decisions and the requirements for spaces: light, access, view, acoustic performance, insulation, structural considerations, etc. The building components will all have different shapes because the material is placed according to specific local requirements. Each component will cost about the same, even if their shapes are different, since the robots directly receive their production data from the computer program. This means that this building can be built for the same price as a traditional building system of the same size and function, while the building performance is higher. The continuous gradual changes from openness to closeness and lightness to darkness along the curved paths stimulate the visitor to explore the building and its exhibitions.

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