Filippo LaFleur


Image: Landscape Infrastructure Matrix

Re-Territorialization: A Vision for Milan Urban Region.

The graduation project brings forward themes regarding Urban - Landscape Planning and Design in critical territories. Under this lens, the Urban Region of Milan is an extremely interesting case study that faces important issues. An urban landscape, spatially defined by urban dispersion, urban – rural dissolution, depletion of ecosystem services, landscape fragmentation, hydraulic risk and a structural inability to govern the territory due to administrative fragmentation.

In countertendency with current territorial practices, the project advances the main objective of landscape de-fragmentation through the design of green – blue networks at various scales. Steered by a vision in which urban – landscape elements are programmed and operationalized synergistically, synchronically, and as mutually supporting elements.

Inspired and guided by the field of Landscape Ecology, the project thus undertakes the design of networks, corridors and patches, as multiscalar structuring and functionally performing elements, vital for the strategic and operational reprogramming of nature in urban regions.

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