Frederice Koch

Architectural Engineering

Image: Recycling facility in bamboo scaffolding structure


Crafting the disused

Bandung in Indonesia is suffering from notoriously overfilled landfills, which, in combination with little spatial opportunity for appropriate waste storage, leads to a majority of waste being disposed of insufficiently.

‘Crafting the disused’ is a community based self-build that supports local recycling and production as an opportunity orientated solution to the challenge of waste management in Cigondewah, Bandung on a decentralised scale.

Split into a waste recycling facility and a production facility, the local community is encouraged to consider their approach to unwanted materials and use these in creative ways to produce new building materials in support of future densification of the neighbourhood. The bamboo frame structures of both facilities serve as experimental ‘scaffolding’ structures for building material products produced by the community, while an integrated waste bank generates income for the neighbourhood.

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