Frédérique Sanders

Architectural Engineering

Image: Heros Daylight School - Marineterrein A’dam


SunMotion: new solar and daylight roofsystem

The research concerns two vital trends in architecture: the increasing demand for solar cells on buildings (EPC-standard 2020) and the increasing demand for natural light in buildings. For solar cells, direct sunlight is necessary and for diffuse daylight it is essential to avoid direct sunlight. By combining these two requirements, a new roofing system is developed. Because the triangular, white aluminium solar-panels of the roof system move along with the sun during the day, there is both a constant, comfortable daylight level in the building, and a 40% higher solar energy production on the building. With the design for the Heros Daylight School on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam, I would like to give an example of how to integrate the new roofsystem. After my graduation, I have been developing the system; in June 2017, I placed the first prototype in simplified version at a Van der Valk hotel in Germany.

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