Giulia Spagnolo


Image: Reversed Territory

Designing with Tourism

Designing with Tourism is a project about territorial strategy, contextualized architecture and (urban) design as politics. The project challenges the status quo of current regional planning in Italy by:

  • subverting the scales and the process of socio - spatial territorial making;
  • using the growing trend of tourism as a shared economic and spatial opportunity;
  • unveiling the hidden strategic value of the rural fringe. 

By proposing the “Widespread Territorial Multifunctional Park” as a valid alternative to the Resort, the project converts mass tourism and its threats into a driver for the socio-economic revitalization of the agricultural territory in Puglia. 

The local scale stands at the heart of the proposed territorial strategy. It defines the programme for the spatial design interventions. It shapes the common ground for collaborative partnerships between the public and the private stakeholders with the ultimate aim of a balanced and inclusive regional development.

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