Jelmer van Zalingen

Complex Projects

Image: Exploded Axo of the new Habana transportation hub.

The Immobile City - Revival of Havana’s Public Transportation-system

The almost sixty year Castro-regime has driven the island of Cuba into isolation. Infrastructure on the island fully relies on the nation’s own capacity and since the special period, like everything else, this is in an overall state of decline. The ongoing neglected state of Cuba’s infrastructure have made Havana into an immobile city. However, Cuba understands that it cannot stay isolated and economically dependent on others any longer.

The city opposes numerous problems with underutilised potentials in order to become a contemporary city. The opposed question is how Havana can become a more connected city with a high level of urban mobility to establish a prosperous future.  

The main goal of the project is to connect people, neighbourhoods and infrastructure together by blending different transportation options into one transportation hub. The building concept emphasises the two characters that belong to a station into a strong transportation typology, that connects the old historic city to the new redevelopment of the old harbour area. 

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