Mustafa Nazari

Building Technology

Image: Temporary residence by using Biodegradable Sandstone

Temporary residence by using Biodegradable Sandstone

The aim of the research was to improve the quality of life of the refugee camp by using Biodegradable Sandstone. The problem statement is that there is no good solution that provides refugees and displaced people temporary housing that provides shelter, privacy and high-quality housing that improves hygiene and health issues.

The concept is to build a building system that provides a temporary housing without harming the nature. After using it, you can leave it without feeling guilt for damaging the environment. This is an opportunity to use less materials, like wood, and throw it away.

Biodegradable sandstone is a new biomaterial that is only just made of sand and bio adhesive. The following properties of the biodegradable sandstone are:

  • Biodegradable
  • brick is strong enough to carry a heavy car (2.9 N/mm2)
  • resistance 
  • brick design to build a house with it
  • stand for years

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