Giacomo Schiesaro

Urban Architecture

Inner tranquillity - perspective view

Infrastructure, perimeters, rooms - A sport hall in Anderlecht

Anderlecht is a bricolage of the existing. People and colours blend in the construction of the city identity within a raw and truly European city: Brussels. This part of the city, enclosed between the infrastructure lines and the city perimeter, raises questions regarding scale and proximity in a context where the authentic common spaces are concealed behind walls. The intervention defines this reading of the city and blends with the understanding of its hidden identity.

The project seeks to reactivate the industrial soul of the area, applying the duality of the inside/outside. The simple and intelligible external structural system recalls the bare productive spaces, the infill and the interior materiality, the scale of its use and the traces from everyday life. The neighbourhood enters the project physically and culturally in a place that aims, past its programme’s life, to constitute a social catalyst through the genuine and intuitive bonding that sport can generate.

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