Ian Omumbwa

Transitional Territories

Civic Square - Medical Village

Healthcare in transition - Architectures and processes at the convergence of healthcare and technology

The global production of data is growing, with the territorial footprint of information flows increasing around the North Sea. The Netherlands has enjoyed a central position at the crossroads of these flows with a rapid digitisation of societal processes. The data emerging out of the health sector is today leveraged to forecast its physical, technical and social requirements in order to mitigate its territorialisation and redundancies. Locally, as witnessed in the past year, fluctuating projections in the Randstad region call for a new system of flexible medical facilities able to cater to shifting population needs.

With healthcare expanding into well-being, the project additionally embraces the environmental impact on patients’ recoveries. With Amsterdam Noord’s semi-rural context set within the Randstad’s maritime threshold, the value of the coast as a therapeutic landscape is explored as a means to equalise digital and natural infrastructures for treatment. The resulting acute, modular and semi-automated medical village and coastal territory for healing focus on the need to provide continuous care within adaptable facilities.

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