Jiawei Zhao


Vision of the watery life in Wangkou

A New Watery Balance - Redefine The Scenic and Circular Waterscape in Wuyuan

The villages in Wuyuan, China are famous for their identity of people living and working with water.

However, the over-tourism and water management imbalance caused by severe climate change has been threatening these villages. People have started to neglect the value of these scenic and circular water landscapes, and their relationship with the water is becoming alienated.

This project recalls, remodels, and revitalises the identity and value of these water landscapes in Wuyuan, and more essentially, it promotes inhabitants’ and tourists’ participation in the rural watery life. The strategy on the regional scale puts forward a new green and blue framework, where more water retention and vegetation restoration are proposed. One most famous and representative village, Wangkou, is designed as an example to other villages in the Wuyuan area. This village regeneration design introduces a new sustainable and circular water system, where various water-rich public spaces are activated for annual water activities.

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