Başak Günalp

Public Building

Cycle of Scenarios: MODUS Through Time: Altered view, existing view, night view

MODUS Museum: An Interactive Museum Experience

The new museum aims to re-wire city + art in Tarwewijk, Rotterdam South. Art nowadays is perceived as a commodity rather than being a source of inspiration to, or a manifestation of, the people. Even though Rotterdam is an interactive city, there is a mental disconnect from the south of Rotterdam. This also reflects on the perception of art in Tarwewijk, resulting in alienation from producing art and lack of empathy for art and artist. The MODUS Museum aims to adopt the industrial characteristics of the Rotterdam ports while integrating public life and the quotidian patterns to the museum. The design draws upon a spontaneous world and relies on the ad hoc elements which constitute the museum to allow the participant to detect the context and the sense of collaborating. Through a flexible and a mobile design, the museum can be continuously transformed and reconfigured to accommodate a variety of productions and events.

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