Helen Cao

Public Building

hangARTs museum - A Museosystem where artist, curator and audience come together

HangARTs museum, situated in Rotterdam Zuid at the quay of Maashaven, is the city’s new art museum. Here, the visitors become an audience without needing to enter the building. The public space that the museum provides has public art for passers-by to admire. Even if your original purpose of being was not visiting the museum, you get to experience art in the absent mind.

The thesis explores the issue of absence of art in the daily life of the neighbourhood. The proposal resulting from the research aims to attract even the people that are indifferent to the art world, providing low thresholds for the audience to pass to see what the art world offers. Initially a place for leisure, the design slowly brings the audience to public art and eventually to the exhibitions. Ultimately, hangARTs museum is the museum that will lay the foundation for people to enjoy art.