Natasha Cleaver

Architectural Engineering

Local Production Centraal Beheer

In response to the climate crisis and depleting natural resources, the graduation project aims to find value in what already exists by exploring local and renewable resources found in Apeldoorn to develop a retrofit proposal for the structuralist icon, Centraal Beheer. Contextual research identified valuable existing resources from local industries and the rich natural environment around Apeldoorn, specifically from the surrounding agricultural land, the paper making industry and the Veluwe forests. The research considered how materials from these sources, such as straw, hemp and maize combined with sawn timber, paper tubes and boards, could be applied within modular building methods. The design proposal applies the building methods established from the research and draws upon the embedded structuralist ideas of co-determined space to re-imagine Centraal Beheer as a place to grow, build, trade, research, and live with the local materials.

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