Nathalie van Wees

Advanced Housing Design Studio

It's weekend in the Parentshouse - Parentshouse's living area

Moving In. Moving on. Moving out.

In our contemporary society, one out of three marriages ends up in a divorce causes financial disadvantages for both parents and affects the well-being of the whole family. Research shows that newly built and innovative areas seem to contain the highest number of divorces – however, these areas do not represent divorcing families. In this graduation project, the building proposes to include divorcing families within the M4H-area in Rotterdam by creating affordable housing while focusing on well-being this research, divorcing families, their living preferences and new spatial forms of collective living are investigated. The research findings have translated into two different types of dwelling, in which the collective spaces play a significant role to support social interaction and affordability. By including these divorcing families, both the parents and the involved children have the possibility to process divorce in a safe, friendly and supporting environment.