Michal Kasperski

Architectural Engineering

Revival - in the heart of productive garden. Evening after the storm.

Reviving the Rural: Exploring the new models of regenerative communal living and the potential of regional forestry paired with advancements in timber construction for economic and social revival of the European countryside

Events of recent years highlighted the urgency for increased local and regional resilience. Eighty-three per cent of the total EU area considered as ‘rural’ will play a vital role in this challenging transition. While facing interlinked problems of soil degradation, ageing, declining population and lack of diverse economic opportunities, rural areas desperately need new models of living – inspiring optimism and stimulating long-term social and economic perspectives.

The project proposes a revitalization strategy model of abandoned former state-owned farm typologies - once popular in Germany and Western Poland - presenting a unique opportunity to revive many rural areas, while helping already established communities.

It explores an innovative model of regenerative communal living combining housing for seniors, permanently occupying the site, with a rich educational, cultural and touristic programme for visitors - building upon unique local opportunities.

If applied at scale, the model envisions a more locally productive, globally-connected, economically competitive and self-sufficient countryside in a circular economy.