Shing Yat Tam

Public Building, Music Marvel | music &

Musical Binckcross

Is architecture always frozen music? To what extent can the public experience of music be part of an elaborate urban adventure?

Reflecting on the above notion, the project aims to defrost the ‘black box’ archetype pervading contemporary concert halls. The proposed music complex is imagined as a series of processional sequences for different users. Along with an artificial landscape introduced to encourage an outward diffusion of internal events, the lines of movement ramifying across the building site serve to blur the boundaries between the exterior and the interior, forming a multi-sensorial experience with dynamic atmospheric changes.

Situated near a highway cutting through Binckhorst, the project also strives to renew one's impression of the industrial site. This is achieved by unravelling two historical landmarks currently subsumed under the uniform streetscape. The music complex is ultimately meant to transcend its primary function as a niche performance space and become a public node/park bridging the urban islands, which will be occupied by residential high-rises in the near future.

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