Juan F. Azcárate-Aguerre

Building Technology

Façades as a Product-Service System

Developing a business-to-client product-service system (PSS) for resource-efficient facades

Within the current process for designing, manufacturing and operating facades there is a gap between supply-side innovation and demand-side needs, which hinders the implementation of energy- and resource-efficient facades. Integrated facades as a Product-Service System proposes an innovative, lease-based business model for the faster implementation of upcoming sustainable technologies in the facade and construction industries. Circular economic models based on long-term, performance-based contracts between suppliers and clients will reduce the use of material resources while increasing the value of delivered services.

The project combines recent innovation in decentralized services contained within the construct of  building envelopes (integrated façades); with advanced, service-based business and supply models being implemented by other industries to extend business-to-client collaboration and optimize incentive and responsibility structures (product-service systems).  
Innovative, circular business models and contracting mechanisms are required to improve the supply process, share the performance benefits (and risks) of upcoming technical solutions, and impulse the financial accessibility of performance-based renovations. In other words, innovative business processes are required to act as a catalyst for the accelerated implementation of innovative technological products.

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