Monika Novkovikj

Open space as a structuring device: Towards integrating territory

The thesis aims to explore the potentials and possibilities of open space landscapes with the goal of utilizing them in a new spatial landscape infrastructure device of integrative socio-spatial value.It will develop upon the hypothesis that units of the territory are abundant in natural, historical and cultural assets which, if systematically exploited through regional design framework, could empower a multi-purpose ‘regional park’ capable of slowing down, halting and even reversing social, natural and cultural deterioration processes imposed by rapid urbanization, climate change manifestations and human agency. The study will be conducted within the south part of the Noord-Holland province, which stretches from the West border of Amsterdam to the coast of the North Sea and along the North Sea canal. It is a territory chosen for its programmatic complexity, natural resource capacities and the intricate relationship between the numerous natural ecosystems and urbanization.