Min Jung Kim


Choreographic Borders

A progressive strategy to activate cross-border developments around Korea DMZ border regions

This project is to suggest a sustainable and comprehensive development strategy for the border area between North and South Korea. Creating mutual benefits of ecological, social, econoxmic and political conditions will facilitate gradual developments for local border residents preserving its identity, meet the demand of cross-border activities, and bring adequate management for natural preservation. The vision suggests enhancing three major strategic points in the border regions. Through vitalizing environmental values, other movements could be triggered. Railways and rivers work as a connector to transport nature and link human. Four steps of cross-border development strategies show how ecology-based, gradual gesture could accomplish a higher level of political vision. One region was chosen to illustrate how this strategy[choreography] could be operated by collective efforts[dancers] in one system, starting from small ‘eco-train’ in DMZ to ‘Green region-polis’ beyond the borders. Scenarios show different degrees of developments based on the level of cooperation [music].

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