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The Delft University of Technology consists of more than 40 buildings and in every one of them research is being conducted. As a visitor those research facilities are normally off limits. But the Delft University of Technology offers special guided tours to give a glance of the newest developments. You can choose from various guided tours that take you around the TU Delft campus. Each guided tour offers a unique experience of the Delft University of Technology and will show you around the different aspects of the university.

The guided tours of the Delft University of Technology will give you an opportunity to not only see new technologies but also what the future holds here at the Delft University of Technology!

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Our backstage tours:



TU Delft Tours is an organization that consists of a team of students and we organize tours on campus. We are part of TU Delft Science Center. We make campus tours for prospective students and we make backstage tours for external visitors. Our tours are with a guide as well as virtual.

You can book a tour from the existing offer, but a customized tour is also possible.

Request a tour
Please send all requests for a tour (at least two weeks in advance for the desired tour day) by e-mail tudelfttours@tudelft.nl

Per tour € 175,-
All prices are ex VAT 21%.

How to reach us?
TU Delft Tours can be reached on: Mon to Thu by telephone of TU Delft Science Center (see below in blue frame) and preferably by email tudelfttours@tudelft.nl

Good to know

  • Tour request: at least two weeks in advance for the desired tour day
  • Canceling a tour: must be reported no later than 3 days in advance. After that, 3 hours will be charged in accordance with the cancellation conditions (CAO).
  • Changing a confirmed tour to another date and/or time: is only possible if a guide is available and at least 3 days in advance. We charge 1 hour extra for this. If no guide is available for this modified tour, we are forced to cancel the tour on our part.
  • We do not arrange catering or specific locations for meetings, for more information see: Campus Life

Our guides are students who enjoy working as guides alongside their studies. The guide students have study agreements that we take into account when planning our tour.