Delft Bioengineering Institute continues

At their meeting of 29 June 2021, the Executive Board has decided to grant Delft Bioengineering Institute a second five-year term. The institute is now supported by five faculties: 3mE, AS, CEG, EEMCS and AE. We are looking forward to continue supporting cross-campus collaboration for all TU Delft researchers working in, with and for biology. If you consider yourself as such, please find some opportunities to take part in the institute below.

Join the BEI Education Working Group
In addition to the BEI Core Working Group, that organizes for example BioDay and BioDate, we are setting up a new working group. The BEI Education Working Group will explore cross-campus bio education opportunities, such as a bioengineering minor programme, aligning courses, and exploiting developments in different educational programs. If you are interested in joining this group, that will come together 2-3 times a year, please let us know.

Call for Bioengineering MSc Project Proposals (2,5k) | deadline 7 July
Team up with a BEI PI from a different department or faculty, and write a two-page proposal for a bioengineering master student project you will supervise together. Over the years, BEI has supported 30 of these projects!

Call for Bioengineering Research Projects 2021 (20k) | deadline 21 September
Team up with a BEI PI from a different faculty, and write a proposal for a joint research project, that for example will help you generate preliminary data for a future grant proposal. Our first call in 2020 yielded five great projects.

TU Delft BioDay | 24 November 2021
On 24 November, 14:00-18:00, we will organize BioDay 2021, showcasing TU Delft’s biodiversity. Registration and poster abstract submission will open soon, we will keep you posted!

Call for BEI workshop ideas | open call
Are you in for creating some campus-wide buzz around your own hot bioengineering research topic? Let us know your Bioengineering Workshop idea by sending an email with an outline of your plan, addressing why, what and when. We have already organized successful meetings on biomass based products, single cell diagnostic screening technologies, neuroscience and sustainable moon settlements. Also, please let us know if you would like us to organize a specific workshop, for example on EU or other funding.  

BEI PI Community: 103 PIs and counting!
To date, 103 TU Delft researchers who are working in, with or for biology, have submitted their profile information for our BEI PI Booklet. If you are a bio-inclined PI (assistant/associate/full professor) and want to share your profile with the rest of the community, please let us know. Check out the latest arrivals:

  • Julien Dupeyroux (LR): Expert in Neuromorphic AI for Robotics looking for neuro-entomologists for insights in neural processing in the insect brain.
  • Jochen Cremer (EWI): Expert in modifying machine learning methods for energy systems operations, looking for microbiologists, systems biologists and experimental designers.
  • Johan Dubbeldam (EWI): Complex network expert looking for (systems) biology, gene regulatory networks, and applications of adaptive networks in general.
  • Guido de Croon (LR): Expert in AI for robotics looking for biologists with expertise in insect brains & flight behavior.   
  • Hylkje Geertsema (TNW/ImPhys): Single-molecule and super-resolution microscopy expert looking for spatial, temporal and spatiotemporal analysis of biological processes in vitro and in cells.
  • Urs Staufer (3mE/PME): Expert in microfabrication, scientific instrumentation and nanotechnology, looking for cell biologists, polymer scientists, and surface functionalisation.
  • Aimée Sakes (3mE/BMechE): Medical Device Design expert looking for zoologists, material scientists, and roboticists.
  • Paul Breedveld (3mE/BMechE): Expert on bio-inspired design in minimally-invasive surgery, 3D printing and soft robotics, looking for biologists, designers and material scientists.
  • Ulf Hanefeld (TNW/BT): Organic chemist with a keen interest in biocatalysis looking for materials scientists and reaction designers.
  • Artur Schweidtmann (TNW/ChemE): Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert looking for joint machine learning (ML) and optimization projects with bio partners.