Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions - AMS

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) is a new ambitious scientific institute located in Amsterdam. In this institute science, education, government, business partners and societal organisations are working tightly together to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing. Now and in the future. Together with Wageningen UR and MIT, TU Delft forms the academic heart of the AMS initiative.  TU Delft works closely together with AMS in various research and educational projects.

In this institute talent is educated and engineers, designers, digital engineers and natural/social scientists jointly develop and valorise interdisciplinary metropolitan solutions. AMS explicitly aims at developing solutions for societal problems, creating value for the economy, and improving the quality of life of citizens.  The institute advocates an open model that lets others that share its vision participate in its research and valorisation activities, make use of its infrastructure, and contribute to and benefit from AMS.

The city of Amsterdam is in full support of AMS. Besides a financial contribution, Amsterdam will share city data with AMS researchers, express city/citizen challenges, allow the use of Amsterdam as a testing and piloting place for AMS, act as a launching customer for the solutions that AMS creates, provide access to its people, networks and organizations, and support AMS with its excellent brand name.

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