The colourful Museum Shop was designed in 2006 by students from the Faculty Industrial Designs of the TU Delft. Simple, practical and inviting for the thousands of visitors who yearly enter the shop and then find their way into the beautiful nearly l00 year old Botanical Garden.

In all seasons you are welcome.
The Museum Shop is cheerful and inviting and has been called the nicest shop of Delft.

A group of 35 enthusiastic volunteers, called partners are daily available for the shop. The proceeds from the sales are used for creating educative programs for school children and for the annual exhibition in the Orangery.


  • 015 278 56 96
  • MuseumShop Botanische Tuin

    Poortlandplein 6,

    2628 BM, Delft

Visiting hours

Closed from January 1st up until and including 9th
Monday till Saturday
10.00 - 16.30 
March - December
Monday till Saturday
10.00 - 16.30

April - October
12.00 - 16.30
December 25 till the 5th of January
27 april Kingsday