Discover the Botanic Garden

For the public and research
The Botanic Garden of the TU Delft is a public-oriented garden as well as a research garden. Together with the university gardens of Leiden and Utrecht, the Delft Garden participates in the scientific botanical network of the Netherlands. Delft particularly specialises in applied technological education and also in technological plant research.


Provide botanical scientific research and education in relation to technology

The Botanical Garden of the Technical University Delft was created in 1917 as ‘Cultural Garden for Technologically Useful Plants’. The Garden was created to fulfill the need to cultivate plants for research and education for the technical applications of plants from all climate zones. Even now, after nearly a hundred years, and after new directions have been pursued, the Garden is an institution of importance for scientific research and education.

Sharing knowledge of the natural world, the technology based upon it, and plants in particular.

An increasingly important function of the Botanical Garden consists of receiving and educating the general public. For schools, societies, and other interested groups and individuals there are expositions, and guided tours and lessons offered. Nursery men, scientists, and others interested can profit from the expertise of the garden staff. For the nature loving public the garden is accessible in all seasons.

Contributions to the protection and preservation of threathend ecosystems biodiversity plantspecies

The Botanical Garden is part of the Botanic Gardens Conservation International and in that capacity contributes to the maintenance of biodiversity as it was formulated at the UN conference with regard to Environment and Development in 1992, and was later augmented at the ‘Global Strategy for Plant Conservation’, with regard to threatened species of plants in the collection as well as to education and information about this subject.