Are you a Student and not a member yet? Sign up here: AAPG Membership The Membership is free of charge of students!

At the start of every academic year, the AAPG SC Delft gives a presentation during one of the regular lectures of the MSc Petroleum Engineering & Geosciences (both for Reservoir Geology and Petroleum Engineering). Our board members explain what the American Association of Petroleum Geologists stands for and what the advantages of being a member are. After the presentation, there is an opportunity to ask questions and to directly become a member of the AAPG by completing the subscription form. It is also possible to download the online subscription form here and send it to the AAPG SC Delft by email.

All MSc Applied Earth Sciences (AES) and BSc Technische Aardwetenschappen (TA) students are welcome to join. Especially the MSc students specializing in Reservoir Geology, Petroleum Engineering or Geophysics are invited to join.

If you encounter any Problems, write us at mailto: mailto:

Membership Renewal

Current members may receive a letter from the AAPG concerning their membership renewal. In some cases, the AAPG assumes a membership fee of 110 US$ to be paid. Of course, this does NOT apply for student members who chose to make use of the Chevron sponsoring. In this case, AAPG membership should be renewed online via the link below.

Sponsored membership renewal

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