Monitoring Community

About us

Condition monitoring of engineering structures plays an increasingly important role in our society, in extending service life, reducing life cycle costs and guaranteeing operation safety. Monitoring and related topics in degradation mechanisms, big data analytics and decision support for asset management form a large part of our research and teaching activities. To promote and strengthen collaboration in this regard, we have formed a Monitoring Community in the Department of Engineering Structures, involving staff members from the various groups.

To share the recent development, we organize lunch colloquiums, once every quarter of the year, on various topics.

 We invite colleagues and students of similar interests to join the Community and the Colloquiums.



May 10 presentations:

Automatic detection of rail surface defects using video image: A case study in the Dutch railways

Focus of Light Damage Experiments in Masonry


The first colloquium was successfully conducted on on Friday, May 10, 2019, in lecture room F of CiTG.